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Anderson Debates Opponent in Lincoln County

Big thanks to the Lincoln County Republican Party for hosting last night’s debate. I always appreciate the opportunity to share my record of service and conservative values with area voters. For more information about my campaign for State Senate, visit www.VoteLeeAnderson.com. […]


Republican Primary Run-Off Information

The Republican Primary Run-Off in Senate District 24 is July 26, 2016.  Early Voting begins July 5, 2016. […]


A runoff is declared for GA Senate District 24 race

The results for Georgia State Senate District 24 are in. Greg Grzybowski and Lee Anderson will go head to head in a runoff next election. The race started with 5 conservative candidates including, Lee Anderson, Joe Edge, Pat Goodwin, Peter Gibbons and Greg Grzybowski. Brenda Jordan is the Democratic candidate for the District 24 seat. Lee Anderson led the race the entire night and ended […]

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